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Plants and trees are vital for life and our long-term survival. There are also many other benefits to having greenery around your home. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing and adding value to your home, plants can reduce cooling costs as they reduce temperatures naturally. Similarly, they hold dirt and dust in place, reduce soil erosion, and stimulate positive mental health by filtering toxins from the air.

However, the green cover surrounding homes has drastically decreased with the increase of urban dwellings and landscaping projects. The first step to contributing to sustainable living is giving back to the environment. And, even if you want to get rid of a few trees, it’s essential that you do so in an ethical manner.

Most junk removal companies refuse to pick up organic waste, but at Junk-Away.ca, we are happy to help homeowners who are moving, renovating, demolishing, or simply cleaning houses or estates. We work hard to ensure nothing is wasted by focusing on our mantra, “Let It Live.”

We are plant lovers and green-living warriors that rescue, relocate and repurpose greenery and salvageable items to ensure that they live on. We aim to preserve and repurpose quality used goods and plants to reduce the amount of waste dumped in landfills and pollution produced every year.

Additionally, our services enable us to help individuals looking for quality plants and used items. They can shop on our online marketplace for various quality repurposed items that will suit their home and lifestyle.

The cost of our junk removal services varies depending on the type and quantity of waste we remove from your property. But, we make sure to provide the best quality services at fair prices, so you receive great value. If you have any plants or organic waste you need to clear off, reach out to us at Junk-Away.ca. You can give us a call at (604) 356-6971 or email us at email.junkaway@gmail.com to schedule a junk removal appointment or consultation. We collect your organic waste and also offer junk removal, garbage disposal, and recycling services. We serve clients across Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, Delta, Tsawwassen, White Rock, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Langley, Abbotsford, Cloverdale, Chilliwack, Mission, and the surrounding areas.

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